I need some advice with my cat's cough

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Hello Everyone,

A month ago I took my cat to the vet regarding my 12 year old cat's cough. She checked her heart, and her breathing which came out fine. I was told years ago she had a slight heart murmur, which I told the vet. I was asked how her health was and I replied she's very active with no trouble with her breathing. She just coughs randomly now and then without a noticeable cause. The vet told me it could be a touch of asthma, and gave me some antibiotics, anti anti-inflamitory and lungworm meds just in case. They had no effect ofc.

I just seemed to notice her coughs at the beginning of August and kept a diary. This segment is from last month:

20/09 - Twice, lasted 15 seconds, 2nd time 5 seconds. 7:30am

21/09 - Twice, lasted 30 seconds 9.30am, 2nd time 15 seconds 5.30pm. (started meds)

22/10 - Twice, 11.30pm 30-40 seconds. Then 3 min later another 40 second period (I actually timed this one, so I'm assuming I counted wrongly for her other coughs)

I think she's had an on and off cough for nearly 2 years, though I seemed to notice and question it in August. After she's coughed and I get her to meow she sounds like she's got a bit of mucus in her throat which soon clears.

I actually booked a xray and lungwash but my family is against it. Well sort of. They're saying I'm silly and being paranoid over a cough, and tbh I'm feeling quite upset thanks to them. I'm thinking of cancelling the appointment. Maybe I am being paranoid..

Any idea , Suggestions would be appreciated


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